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There is simply no other way of getting closer to this brand-new part of the Netherlands and the world’s most modern port still under construction. Experience firsthand what it’s like when everything you see is either big, bigger or the biggest of its kind.

Discover stunning views of Europe's smartest terminals from the Panorama Deck. Go on an unforgettable tour or cruise through Rotterdam’s newest port area. Play our Drop the Box game and imagine what it’s like to be a real crane operator. You can see what happens on the other side of the fence with our 360PortExplorer, which lets you take a 360° virtual tour of the port companies. Anything is possible in FutureLand!

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Valentine's dinner on the Ferry

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Time travel through the port > Rotterdam v.v. FutureLand

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Restaurant New Fork

You can also visit FutureLand for a cup of coffee, a lovely pastry, a snack or a delicious lunch. The restaurant and terrace offer a view of the most modern terminals in the world and Rotterdam's newest port area under development. Absolutely recommended!

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Audio Tour

Discover FutureLand with an audio tour. Use your smartphone to listen to and experience the latest developments and be guided through the centre. The use of the audio tour is free. Don’t forget your headphones!

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Experience it yourself

Curious about Maasvlakte 2? Want to know more about the most modern port area in the world? Or the unloading and loading of the countless sea containers through the ultramodern terminals? Then visit FutureLand and experience for yourself what soon will be history.

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Photo of the Month

The Port of Rotterdam is photogenic, as is the development of Maasvlakte 2. Whoever takes the most beautiful photo of the port or its latest expansion will be crowned Photographer of the Month.

LIVE Webcam — Maasvlakte 2